Virtual Reality (VR) Content and Videos

video realtà virtuale

Professional services for the creation of immersive videos and VR content

Virtual realityVirtual Reality (VR) – is one of the most used technologies in recent years thanks to the versatility that allows the adoption of VR content and videos for marketing, advertising , but also in the world of work and education.

Virtual reality completely replaces the real world environment with the simulated one through programs, virtual reality software and cutting-edge technologies.

The great advantage of this type of immersive content and videos – as well as for Augmented Reality content – is the possibility for the user to enter a world made entirely in computer graphics , in which it has the possibility of interact freely , like move in all directions, view objects or even view previews.

Companies that adopt virtual reality are constantly increasing thanks to the immersive capabilities that this new technology offers.

Computer Graphics at the Service of Virtual Reality

How we make our video content for VR

Here in Kabum, an agency specializing in virtual and augmented reality, we create all our contents digitally using the most modern computer graphics techniques and technologies . For our customers we create from spaces, to objects, up to animated characters.

After the creation of these elements through virtual reality technologies, we load the contents in special applications, so that they can be used through specific VR viewers , thus giving our customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality Content for Companies

Marketing, Advertising, tourism, education and even medicine… how many do you use for VR technologies

The virtual reality content and videos that we create for the clients of our specialized agency can be adopted in different contexts and types of business. The versatility of these technologies allows you to create VR content for different contexts: from marketing and advertising , to tourism (with video tours), to architecture , education and school, up to medicine and psychology.

For this reason, the relationship between companies and virtual reality is consolidating over time and more and more businesses rely on VR contents for the communication and promotion of their products and services.

How we work and design VR content

Technique, cutting-edge technologies and creativity at the service of our customers

The approach to creating content in Virtual Reality for companies is strongly aimed at providing the customer with a product that coincides with his needs and wishes. For this reason we set up a series of meetings, brainstorming and appointments with the customer to build together the most suitable concept.

Then the whole team made up of experts in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will get to work to create the content and find the most appropriate means to make it available to the intended audience.

contenuti VR
video VR

Virtual Reality Programs and Software

Latest generation programs and technologies for futuristic works

For the production and realization service of contents and videos in virtual reality we use the main professional software and programs . We produce our VR contents so that they can be used through different types of VR viewers.

Virtual Reality Service: costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out prices and costs for Virtual Reality , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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