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How many times surfing the web and social media have you come across a funny video or a viral commercial that has gotten millions of views in a short time? More and more companies nowadays decide to invest in viral advertising . Viral commercials are a type of horizontal communication in which the user is not just a passive user, but also becomes a media himself. The more the video is able to strike the user and make his emotional chords vibrate, the greater the possibility that he will share it with relatives and friends , thus helping to increase its virality.

A viral video , thanks to the ease of diffusion offered by the new means of communication, represents a strong push for advertising a product, a brand or a message. The target? Reach as many users as possible by exploiting the potential of the web.

Viral advertising

How to create viral videos and social videos

Creating viral videos is not a simple concept. Thinking about making a viral video on a tight budget is a misconception. The creation of a viral commercial requires a detailed analysis of numerous elements and subsequently a study of all the methods of viral communication and video production techniques. In most cases, virality is achieved through humor. Many advertising companies choose to go for the safe comedy of achieving their goal, but this is not always the winning choice. For the production of viral videos we follow a different approach than the creation of traditional commercials as the objectives are different. In this case we want to arouse such interest in the user as to encourage him to share the video with other people who will behave in the same way.

Do you want to make a viral video?

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The creation of viral commercials can be useful for several purposes : from the simple advertising of a product to political propaganda or simply for the diffusion of a new commercial idea. Once the purpose has been defined, it will be important to decide the tone of voice to use and the broadcast channel for your viral video: YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp. Our experienced staff will meet your needs , helping you choose the best and most engaging format for effective viral communication.

How we work

Goals and means for your viral commercials

For the production of viral and social videos , we articulate the work in different steps. We know the customer and when possible we make appointments on site to learn everything that may be necessary for the realization of the viral commercial. We understand the needs on the basis of which we propose different approaches and processing techniques.

The brainstorming phase with the customer is fundamental, to trigger an alchemy of quality, professionalism, message and image such as to make the video viral. As for the work team, in this particular case, the choice of the most suitable direction and creative director will be of fundamental importance. Then we move on to the realization of everything related to pre-production, production and post-production of the viral video .

progettazione kabum video virali
produzione spot virali web e social

Tools and Software to Create Viral Videos

To create a viral commercial we use numerous tools . Starting from 2D and 3D graphics software , to post production , compositing, audio and video editing programs. In some cases, software and platforms for the creation of AR (augmented reality) content may also be useful.

Viral video cost

If you also want to make a viral commercial, contact the Kabum staff . We will evaluate together the times, methods and costs to make your viral video .

    €5000from €5000 to €25000More than €25000
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