Video post-production and compositing

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Professional compositing and post production services

video post-production and composing are the last stages of the video making process.

Post-production includes a series of fundamental activities which serve to give a final look to the video able to arouse emotions thanks to the color tone, to the editing and effects used in the final video editing.

This last phase of cinematographic production is of extreme importance and must be treated in detail for the correct realization of a visual product.

The post-production phases

Compositing, color grade, editing and video editing

Post-production is a process by which you can give the raw film a captivating final look. To make this possible, we proceed first of all with the color correction , with the compositing of the scenes and any additions of special effects strong> or simply elements of 3D animation , and subsequently everything is “amalgamated” with the process of color grading thanks to which, through the colors it is possible to describe and express emotions, sensations and atmospheres.

Video post production for companies

Complete your film production by relying on a specialized agency

The video post-production service for companies is aimed at productions that need to complete their creative process with the post-production of the videos shot, so that it is ready to be broadcast on the pre-established channel.

Our video post production work

Creativity, technologies and techniques at the customer’s service

The post production service for our customers is oriented to collect from the customer the most useful and representative information of his idea , in order to be able to give life to a very satisfactory result through the best post-production and video editing techniques.

First of all, we get to know the customer and make appointments on site to learn everything that may be necessary for the realization of the finished product. In these meetings we bring out the real needs of the customer and then suggest different approaches and techniques for video post production. We then agree to set up appointments for brainstorming or simply to share the work done.

We compose our work team according to the client’s needs to identify and offer figures with specific knowledge . After that we move on to the realization of everything related to the post-production of the video content.

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Video Post Production Software and Programs

The best of animation and graphics, color grading and compositing software

The video post-production process involves the use of a series of dedicated programs and software, each one for the individual phases and needs. For example, we make extensive use of 3D animation software, as well as color correction programs and color grading, or compositing tools such as Nuke, Fusion or the Adobe suite.

Video Post Production and Compositing Costs

To know prices and costs for video post-production and compositing fill out the form. We will be happy to contact you and find together the most advantageous solution for your company.

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