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What is motion graphics and how to use it for your commercials

The technique of motion graphics , or ” graphics in motion “, is nothing more than the art of creating animated images and video content in which there is no need to shoot environments or people. With motion graphic art we can transport the art of design on a multimedia level, giving life to the graphic elements within the project . Thanks to the use of specific software we are able to create animated images, with a great emotional impact , simply starting from vector graphics or bitmaps. Video motion graphics are an excellent tool for companies to advertise their products or services through multimedia content capable of involving the user, capturing their attention and igniting their curiosity.

Motion graphic design

Photo animations, motion videos and animated images

With motion graphic design , the creation of graphic and video content takes place through an original combination of animated photos, sounds, texts and videos that are assembled and rendered into a final video product with a surprising effect.

Through the use of visual effects, animations, animated logos and special effects, the graphic designer is able to give new life to static graphics, transforming them into dynamic and engaging video motion . A moving text, a voiceover, animated images and special effects whose goal is only one: to communicate a message that is easily usable and impactful for your recipients.

Motion graphic services: customized animations for your corporate videos

Commercials, tutorials, video clips and animated logos

Motion graphic videos are in high demand by companies . On the web, on television or on mobile devices: motion graphics are everywhere. Thanks to its dynamism and easy use, animated graphics are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the advertising field. More and more companies are using animated videos to advertise their brand , support storytelling or tell a product or service in an original and captivating way. Commercials, video clips, video tutorials, credits , animated logos or company presentations. Choose the motion graphics service that best suits your needs!

How we work

Motion graphic designer: innovative techniques tailored to the client

For the creation of animated images and motion videos , our motion graphics experts are constantly looking for original and innovative ideas that can fully satisfy customers.

An important part of the creative process begins with knowing the context and the client’s needs. Whenever possible , we make appointments on site to learn everything that may be necessary for the creation of an excellent motion video. Based on the requests we adopt different approaches and techniques of motion graphics ; then we agree for a brainstorming phase or to share the work done.

For each project, the indicated motion designer team will take care of the pre-production, production and post-production phase of the video content .

software kabum motion graphic

Motion graphic software

Tools and technologies for your animated graphics

For an amazing final product it is not enough to be a traditional graphic designer or to have a good foundation as a video maker, what is important is a deep knowledge of the latest motion graphics software and a strong dose of creativity.

The software mainly used for this service are those used for vector and bitmap graphics , for video processing and compositing , Adobe suite software such as After Effects and tools such as Blender or Maya for the creation of small special effects.

There are many tutorials for creating animations, but for a quality product, rely on professionals!

Cost of video in motion graphics and animated graphics

To find out the costs and prices of a video in motion graphics fill out the form. We will be happy to listen to your requests and send you a personalized quote.

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