VFX Studio and Digital Visual Effects

Production of cinematic special effects

We are an Italian VFX Studio specialized in the production of digital visual effects for cinema.

Thanks to the use of powerful computers we are able to create explosions, destructions, simulations of liquids, animations of characters or objects that interact with the real shots, in short, all those things that with normal shots would be difficult to obtain, or at least draw from fantastic imaginaries making the things represented are likely.

The special effects that in our case it would be better to identify them as digital visual effects , are the whole series of integrations made in computer graphics that allow us to go beyond reality.

We are a digital visual effects production studio that puts boundless creativity, technique and cutting-edge technologies at the service of its customers.

Cutting-edge VFX techniques and technologies

Camera Tracking, Green Screen and Matte Painting

Among the most used VFX techniques , at our special and visual effects production studio, there is the camera tracking , thanks to which it is possible to simulate the movement of the camera that allows us to add virtual objects that seem perfectly integrated with the shot. Our customers often need green screen shots – or chroma key – which give the possibility to isolate the filmed subject and then insert it in any context or in some cases to create scenographies composed of several levels thanks to the matte painting technique.

VFX studio italiano
produzione effetti speciali cinematografici

Digital visual effects for cinema and advertising

Integration of special effects for companies

As VFX studio, our typical customers are companies and productions that need to complete their creative process with the creation of VFXs integrated into the videos shot.

Digital visual effects costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out prices and costs of special effects and digital visual effects , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

    €5000from €5000 to €25000More than €25000
    AdvertisingFilmvideo clipVR/AR

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