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produzione cortometraggi e lungometraggi

Do you want to make a short film? Kabum gives you a hand

Kabum is a short and feature film production house that operates throughout the national territory. The short film is a cinematographic work whose duration is less than 75 minutes. Due to its technical characteristics and the format that requires less effort than the production of a feature film, this cinematographic product is chosen above all by those who are approaching film production for the first time. For this service we provide for the creation of digital video works , using different languages and genres based on the customer’s need: comedy, thriller, horror, drama. Short films about love and friendship, educational short films or animated short films are just some examples of the video productions that we can make.

How to create a short film

Techniques and ideas to make the best short films

The techniques and steps for making a film or short film are numerous and differ according to the film work to be produced. Once the script has been defined , a detailed storyboard is drawn up to transform the story into visual and moving images . Generally these main phases have already been carried out, therefore the Kabum staff plans the executive production of the work . To shoot short films or feature films, you can choose between real shots or animation . In some cases it is preferable to opt for the mixing between these two techniques, creating 3D integrations in real shots . Our production house follows the customer throughout the creative process necessary to make the best short films: production and post production, video, direction and creative direction.

Production of films and short films

Short films and films for directors, screenwriters and independent cinema

Our short film production service is aimed at creatives, directors and art directors who want to develop their concept to compete in calls, festivals and competitions for short films . If the ultimate goal is not to participate in competitions and calls for short films, but to create an audiovisual product for cinema and television , we use the best resources and skills to follow you step by step in the making of your film or feature film.

Animated short films, feature films and special effects

The experience gained in the creation of viral videos, videoclips and commercials has led Kabum to test a team of competent professionals in film production .

The creative process for this service is usually handled by a third party, such as art directors or directors. Customers often have clear ideas of what they want to achieve, in which case our intervention provides organizational solutions for the production of short or feature films.

We look for the most suitable technical solutions to best develop the idea of the creative, especially for the making of films in which visual and special effects are required, such as integrations in real shots with computer animations.

realizzazione cortometraggi e lungometraggi
casa di produzione cortometraggi

Tools and Software to make a short film

For the production of short and feature films, Kabum technicians make use of the best 2D and 3D graphics software, post production, compositing and audio and video editing necessary for the creation of the best short films and film productions capable of keeping the viewer’s attention high and touching his emotional chords.

Film and short film production costs

The costs to shoot a short or feature film vary according to the cinematographic work to be made, the techniques and visual effects to be used and the necessary equipment. Tell us your story , we will be happy to shoot your film!

    €5000from €5000 to €25000More than €25000
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