Scientific 3D animation for medicine and biotechnology industry


Shape medicine with 3D computer graphics

3D and 2D animation are versatile tools adopted by advertising and communication up to art and design and even in the medical sector to give shape and substance to what is not visible to the naked eye, to be able to concretize it, observe it, and let anyone see. 3D and 2D graphics animation have now become essential tools for those in search of a form of contemporary communication, with more and more advanced technologies.

At Kabum we use cutting-edge techniques put at the service of medicine that allow the visualization of complex pharmaceutical mechanisms close to reality and scientifically accurate , using the latest generation of 3D graphics and animation softwares , thus combining creativity and technology.

So why limit yourself to having to imagine a medical process, when you can visualize it through the most advanced techniques of 3D computer graphics or 3D animation ?!

More advanced 3D graphics techniques

3D modeling, scientifically accurate animation

We have always used the most advanced techniques to offer our customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological sector a clear and convincing type of communication to visualize complex pharmaceutical mechanisms of action, biological processes, medical procedures and revolutionary medical devices through the use of graphics and 3D animation.

We are experts in the field of scientific and educational animation , digital graphics and animation of medical procedures , mechanisms of action ( MOA ) and mechanisms of disease ( MOD ).
We also deal with medical 3D for printing or publishing .

3D and 2D graphics and animation programs and software we use

The best of technology and the latest generation 3D animation softwares

The 3D animation and 3D graphics passion leads us to a continuous search for tools and software dedicated to the latest generation of video animation and computer graphics that can offer the most modern technology to our customers.
The software mainly used for this service are software for 3D modeling, 2D or 3D animation, tracking camera and compositing.

Creativity and technique designed for science

Our work of 3D Graphics and Animation

The work of 3D animators for our customers is usually articulated according to a process designed to collect from the customer the most useful and representative information of his project, in order to be able to bring it to life through the most cutting-edge 3D graphics and video animation techniques.

First of all, we meet the customer and make appointments on site to learn everything that may be necessary for the realization of the finished product.
In these meetings we raise doubts and clarifications, we provide artistic inputs for a better visual experience and we receive inputs from medical experts in the field, if necessary.
Then we agree to make appointments for brainstorming or simply to share the work done.

For each 3D visualization and animation project we create ideas tailored to the customer’s needs .
In fact, we design our work team according to the project to identify and offer 3D animators with specific knowledge .
After that we move on to the realization of everything related to the pre-production, production and post-production of the video content.

3D scientific animation for medicine and biotechnology price

To know the 3D animations prices and costs of for medicine and biotechnology fill out the form. We will be happy to contact you and find together the most advantageous solution for you.


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