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Create memorable animated explanatory videos

Animated explanatory videos are one of the most popular forms of communication of the moment and that more and more companies are adopting to tell their products, services and ideas in a memorable and fun way.

When thinking about a new product or service, it is in fact essential to communicate it in the best possible way . To ensure that potential customers fully understand it, the explanatory animated video tool is the most immediate and easy to use solution .

Recent statistics state that by 2020 each of us will be watching 84 minutes of online video on average. In this context, introducing explanatory videos or animated corporate videos within your marketing and communication strategy can make the difference compared to your competitors.

What are explanatory videos

And why you should care about animated explanatory videos

The explanatory videos are promotional animated videos of 1, maximum 2 minutes in length that describe a company, service or product that meet the need of companies to communicate with their customers quickly and effectively.

The most important feature of animated explanatory videos is to engage the user’s attention and not bore him.

An explanatory video of a product or service is built by identifying the necessary steps, schematizing them and simplifying them as much as possible. In this way each step is represented and the potential customer is able to understand and appreciate it quickly and with a smile.

Explanatory Videos and Animated Company Videos

Do you want to explain your product / service with a video animation?

A chef would like to spread his cuisine and make his customers understand his style, for example with a video-recipe he can convey this message.

A software development house has created a new smartphone application, could focus on a video explaining the functions of their new product how it works.

In short, the explanatory videos and animated corporate videos are aimed at anyone who wants to let people know how a product or service works .
The animated video you will get will be a precise and precise description of the subject you want to represent.

How we work

Creativity, technique and cutting-edge technologies at the customer’s service

To make an explanatory video, we first set a brief with the client . Once we understand the target and the elements necessary for the explanatory video, we create a moodboard that collects the references provided by the customer. We then create a storyboard to show a precise idea of the final result. In this phase we understand, together with the customer, what kind of mood to convey through the explanatory animated video.

creazione video esplicativi animati
video animati aziendali

Explanatory video programs and software

To make explanatory videos we use latest generation technologies

The techniques for obtaining an explanatory video of quality and in step with the times are different. You can choose the language of motion graphics , 2D animation or live action .

Unlike how-to videos with real footage, a good product animation video gives you the freedom to step out of the real world and simplify complex ideas or processes using any environment, character and graphics you can imagine.

Explaining video costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out the prices and costs of the explanatory videos and animated corporate videos, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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