Realization of advertising spots

realizzazione spot pubblicitari

Create commercials and videos for your business

There are many varieties of professional corporate videos , but the ones that are most able to advertise a corporate product of any size are certainly commercials . Through the multimedia language, conveyed in this case through the video spot, it is possible to explain in detail a service or the functioning of a product . By creating an emotional advertising spot we can help companies to consolidate their image and the reference values of the brand. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the speed of circulation of information on the Internet, many customers choose to create promotional web spots to be disseminated on the net. In many other cases, TV remains the privileged communication channel for which we take care of the creation of TV commercials created ad hoc for the users of this medium.

Design and production of advertising spots

How to create a successful video spot

The creation of video commercials is a real art that requires communication skills , technical knowledge and a strong dose of creativity . A well-done advertising campaign can involve a large initial investment, but in the long run it can help companies achieve the desired exposure and outperform the competition. Kabum’s staff specialize in creating promotional spots and videos . In order to communicate an idea, there are many ways to go. Based on the message to be conveyed and the channel to be used, we propose the most appropriate technique to obtain the best result. You can use motion graphics , traditional video footage or those integrated with vfx (special effects).

Production of corporate videos and promotional videos

Why promote your company with an advertisement

With our advertising production service we cater to all companies, large and small in any sector, who need to advertise their products or their business. With the creation of corporate video spots , even start-ups or freelancers will be able to increase their visibility and present themselves to the general public with one of the most effective means of communication.

How we make advertising videos

Rely on professionals for the creation of your video spot

An engaging commercial that can reach the viewer, excite him and leave an indelible memory in his memory is often contained in 30 ‘. Whatever the production needs, the Kabum team is always by your side in choosing the format, the best processing techniques and all the tools necessary to create an innovative and effective video spot. For each project, made to measure for the customer , we compose our work team that will follow all the phases of the process: pre-production, production and post-production of the advertising video content.

spot pubblicitari per aziende
creazione video spot pubblicitari

Advertising tools and software

Professional equipment and cutting-edge software for advertising videos

For the creation of original and incisive advertising spots, web spots and TV spots, we use the best 2D and 3D graphics software . We use specific programs for post production , compositing and audio-video editing. To enhance the quality of the image and the importance of details, to best represent the companies’ project during shooting, we use the best professional and semi-professional cameras and equipment .

Cost of advertising spot

To find out about our services, discuss your project together and evaluate ideas and costs for the realization of your advertising video, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form!

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