Production of Professional Soundtracks

produzione colonne sonore

Composition of soundtracks, soundtracks and music for films and cinema

The composition of soundtracks for film, cinema and video , the right background music and more generally the audio determines 50% of the success of a video . Known as a soundtrack in English, the soundtracks in the cinema represent the set of music composed for the film and, together with the video footage, arouse different sensations based on the type of musical mood chosen.

The production of soundtracks can therefore heavily affect the spectator’s impression , being able to leverage on channels of emotion that only videos and images cannot touch.

Kabum offers its customers the creation of musical compositions, soundtracks for films , music for soundtracks and musical consultancy, relying on highly experienced partners.

AAA Wanted Composers of Soundtracks

Composition of professional soundtracks of all kinds

Are you looking for soundtrack composers or music compositions for video, film and cinema? In Kabum we make use of the collaboration of specialized and professional composers to compose soundtracks . For the creation of your soundtrack or soundtrack you can choose between artists and composers of different genres . From those who prefer traditional languages, acquired at the conservatory, to more innovative ones such as virtual orchestrations.

Soundtracks for film, cinema, editing and video editing

The right musical composition for your film work

Our soundtrack production service is primarily aimed at film production houses that need to create a soundtrack for their film work. The combination of video recording and soundtrack will add value to the images, bringing the viewer to a new level of perception and emotionality.

How we work

Creativity, technique and technology at the customer’s service

For the production of music for soundtracks, we believe that it is extremely important to be able to build a strong synergy with the client and his wishes or ideas. For this reason, before composing a soundtrack for one of our clients, we set up a meeting between the production house team. We let ourselves be inspired , guided by the script. Composing the right soundtrack or film music is a work that necessarily takes place in a team, collaborating openly with all the necessary figures, in order to create a soundtrack that enriches and completes the filmic work.

composizione colonne sonore
compositori sound track

Creativity meets the best software to compose soundtracks

To the theoretical tools acquired during the study at the conservatory, we combine latest generation technologies and software to compose professional soundtracks . We therefore use technical tools such as Digital Performer associated with the Kontact plugin, excellent for film scoring.

Soundtrack costs

Are you looking for soundtrack composers and want to get more information about our work, prices and costs of the soundtracks we made? Do not hesitate to contact us, fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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