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Animated product video creation and 3D modeling

Promotional product videos fall into the category of industrial videos and have the aim of representing a product by enhancing its main characteristics: from the materials used to the processing stages, from the technical details to the purpose of a product.

This particular type of video production aims to make a product easily explorable and illustrate all its features even if you don’t have it in your hands. Product videos are an excellent support for online sales strategies , where the need to involve and interest the user through an interactive product presentation can be decisive in enticing the purchase.

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All the advantages of the video produced with 3D animation

The production of product videos for companies is based on a 3D reproduction of the product , useful to show it in all its components.
This service includes 3D modeling of the product and its animation. In other words it is a virtual simulation of the real object. A sort of 3D presentation in which you have the opportunity to view the product in all its parts, three-dimensionally, and possibly customize it according to your tastes. Where it is not possible to take real shots, thanks to 3D rendering we can reconstruct the object and present it from different angles and perspectives.

How we make an animated product video

The creative process: from the study of the project to 3D modeling

The work of video production and 3D product presentations starts from the study of the design technical sheet . Subsequently, the 3D modeling is carried out faithfully, so as to obtain an object identical to the real product. At that point, 3D animation is chosen to show the aesthetic rendering of the moving object : whether to simply turn it on itself, to take back details or to make it explode so as to see its internal functioning. At that point we proceed with a photorealistic rendering so that we can best represent the material of which it is composed.

The sectors of use of the Product Animation Video

Why choose 3D rendering to promote products

With the creation of 3D videos and animated product videos we turn to all those companies that offer a customized product or a particularly complex product in which it is necessary to show its functioning from the inside . Examples include automotive, medical, industrial but also fashion, architectural and advertising companies.

The production of 3D videos , based on three-dimensional reconstructions, is particularly suitable for showing one’s products, machinery or plants in a realistic way.

Especially on the web where there are so many online offers, product videos play a fundamental role because in a few seconds they are able to capture the attention and bring customers closer to the purchase. More and more online shops are using video e-commerce to give the user the ability to virtually customize the chosen product or show its internal structure.

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3D modeling tools and software

Thanks to the professionalism and experience that distinguishes us, we create customized 3D video animations and 3D renderings using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software or 3D scanning programs capable of faithfully reproducing the presentation object of your product video.

Product video pricing and rendering

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