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produzione videoclip musicali

Experts in producing music videos for artists and music labels

Kabum is a music video clip production agency that operates throughout Italy. We take care of the design and production of music videos for artists, record producers and labels using different techniques and technologies depending on the customer’s request and needs. We are also experts in immersive video, special effects and 3D and 2D animation.

Making a music video clip is a very complex operation in which it is very important to be able to give visibility and life to information and sensations , decoding them in another language which is that of the music video.

We take care of the production of animated music videos, and of filmic video clips always starting from the creative ideation, to then move on to the shooting of the video clip, editing, post production and realization of the final video clip.

Music video production techniques

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The production of music videos we have is a complex creative process and can be expressed in multiple forms and with different techniques. You can make animated music videos or as a ‘ film or through the style of the short film , but not only.

For the production of video clips Kabum employs specialized personnel , passionate about music, techniques and technologies that are always at the forefront .

Music video clips for artists and record companies

Professional music videos for every need

The creation of music video clips is a service aimed not only at artists , but also at record labels and record companies looking for partners to give life to the melodies of their artists. A music video is a very important step for the artist and more and more – in the age of youtube and social media – it is used to communicate the message of the song of which the video clip is the protagonist on another level.

There are not a few cases in which the music video has made the fortune of a song!

How we work in Kabum

The video clip artist at the center of our design

For the creation of video clips and music videos we make the artist the protagonist throughout the creative process for the creation of the video clip. They are important processes because the video clip must reflect in everything and for everything that the musician wants to communicate within his music video.

In order for this communication to take place in the best possible way, we make use of creatives who are able to find suitable solutions , to the point that the musician is able to totally rely on us during production.

realizzazione videoclip musicali
produzione video musicali

Tools and Software used to perform the service

As well as the techniques, the tools are also many for the creation of a video clip. The approach is always that of a film production with all the figures necessary for the success of the video clip .

Music Videoclip Costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out the prices and costs of music videos , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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