Location Based Entertainment (LBE)

kabum video immersive LBE

Immersive experience and future of VR devices

Location Based Entertainment (LBE) is a real immersive experience for the user that involves multiple senses during the experience, making it as authentic as possible. LBE represents the last frontier in content designed for VR and many identify it as the future of this technology.

The use of the Location Based Entertainment experience takes place in a dedicated and set up room , with the use of VR viewers and consists in the use of objects, wind, heat, (4D tactile elements) to connect the experience real to the virtual one you are seeing.

How we design an LBE experience

Technology, creativity and precision for a truly immersive experience

The LBE service includes the design of one or more closed rooms prepared with different objects inside that the user can touch in his experience wearing VR viewers. The room has motion sensors and is perfectly set up in order to have a precise correspondence with the virtual world that flows in the monitors of the VR viewers.

Location Based Entertainment for companies and events

Make an event or product presentation unique

The Location Based Entertainment service is usually in great demand in the organization of events that want to remain well impressed in the minds of their visitors. Through LBE technologies it will in fact be possible to make customers live a unique and memorable experience. For this reason, Location Based Entertainment services lend their side to the world of entertainment, and to the presentation of new products.

Creativity, technology and technique at the service of a memorable experience

To guarantee our customers a very high level of entertainment and maximum satisfaction from our LBE service, we have studied a process that aims to involve the customer so that the finished product fully reflects their needs.

For this reason, first of all we take care of understanding the customer’s target and create an ad hoc experience. We collaborate with game designers to offer a memorable experience. With a series of meetings, brainstorming and meetings with the client and with the creation of storyboards and scripts , we involve the client and make him participate so that the finished product reflects his wishes.

produzione kabum video immersive LBE
realizzazione kabum video immersive LBE

Location Based Entertainment Technologies and Software used

Best quality 3D viewers, motion sensors and state-of-the-art software

In order for the LBE experience to offer an experience as immersive as possible, we use location based entertainment software and latest generation technologies . Starting from VR viewers, such as HTC Vive, up to very high precision motion sensors.

For the 3D design work we involve various experts and figures : environment artist, 3D modeler, character designer and render artist, under the supervision of the game designer, art director and director.

Location Based Entertainment Costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out the prices and costs of Location Based Entertainment , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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