Augmented Reality (AR) content and videos

video realtà aumentata

Professional services in realization and implementations for Augmented Reality

The production of content and videos for Augmented Reality (AR – Augmented Reality ) is one of the trends of the future for communication, marketing and visual arts. The contents designed in augmented reality allow us to provide additional information in real time, enriching what we see in an environment, on a label, or through our camera.

For this reason augmented reality, marketing and advertising go hand in hand. This new technology is in fact aimed at companies that, through the various applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and the creation of videos and contents, want to communicate their products and services on another level . Through the contents in Augmented Reality and the design of the same it is possible to increase the value and the communicative capacity of the “objects” that reside in the real world with perceptive information generated by the computer, sometimes through multiple sensory modalities.

Augmented Reality creations for all devices

From AR videos to many other types of content

TO Kabum , an agency specializing in augmented reality and immersive videos, we are experts in the creation and implementation of specific AR content , suitable to be enjoyed through all types of popular devices : from smartphones to dedicated devices, such as viewers or computers with webcams, using markers as reference points. We put creativity, technologies and techniques at the service of our customers to offer augmented reality content and videos of the best quality.

Augmented Reality content for companies

Tourism, advertising, education, architecture and entertainment… how many do you use for your business

The Augmented Reality contents that we develop and create are versatile and adapt to every type of business and need. Our products and augmented reality videos for companies can be adapted to any type of project in fact. Since this is a technology capable of adding, or increasing, the communicative and immersive power, it is possible to create this kind of content for different areas and types of projects. In fact, the AR contents lend themselves to companies in the advertising , marketing , tourism , shops and retail sectors. But not only can you create content for schools, cultural heritage and more generally in the world of education .

How we work and design AR content

Technique, cutting-edge technologies and creativity at the service of our customers

The approach to the creation of Augmented Reality content for companies is mainly linked to the choice of the information that will be transmitted, strictly linked to the space.

At Kabum we always aim to provide the customer with a product that fits exactly with their needs and requirements . For this reason we set up a series of meetings, brainstorming and appointments with the customer to build together the most suitable concept.

Then the whole team made up of Augmented Reality experts and designers will get to work to create the content and find the most appropriate means to make it available to the intended audience.

contenuti AR
video AR

Augmented Reality Programs and Software

Latest generation programs and technologies, for maximum satisfaction

For the augmented reality content and video production and creation service we use the main computer graphics software: Adobe, Autodesk, Blender and others as needed. We produce our AR content to be usable through a proprietary mobile application that will be provided with the purchase of our interactive content.

La nostra app Pop-AR

Augmented Reality Service: costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out prices and costs for Augmented Reality , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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