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Sound design, what is it and why is it important?

Television, cinema, radio or the web. Whatever the distribution channel chosen for your audiovisual and multimedia project, this will never be complete without an audio post production and sound design phase . But what is it about? Sound Design is an audio post-production process and consists of designing all the sounds that make a video tangible. A sound plays a fundamental role in the communication process as it is able to arouse emotions, move or bring back a memory. Therefore, its strategic role in the world of advertising and cinema can well be understood to involve the viewer or increase their amazement. With powerful creative tools, our audio post-production experts work with meticulous professionalism to ensure the best sound quality and make a product, commercial or brand instantly distinguishable in a highly competitive industry.

Audio post production services

Sound design, mixing and audio editing

Kabum offers a great variety of services and the best resources to take care of every single part of your audiovisual project. Audio editors, noise makers, sound effects specialists and sound designers work closely together to create, edit, mix and distribute premium quality audio. To create the perfect sound design, any action is voiced, from the sound of rain to the explosion of a bomb. To do this, our sound designers create the sound environment and optimize it to increase the user’s involvement in viewing the filmic work.

The sound designer and the different applications of sound

Soundtracks, jingles, audio editing and sound logos

Our sound design service is aimed at anyone who has a visual product that needs to be soundtracked . From the creation of soundtracks , to advertising jingles; from the creation of sound effects for cinema , TV and theater to sound brands for the advertising sector. There are many professional fields in which sound and the role of the sound designer find application.

A unique and recognizable sound, when associated with a particular brand or product, evokes an immediate memory in the consumer’s mind that can be exploited by companies to their advantage to engage and attract listeners.

How we work

From the creative process, to experimentation, to sound production

From the recording room to the audio post-production department, we follow all the phases of cleaning, audio editing and sound manipulation , necessary to satisfy any production need.

Our sound design technicians try, with several meetings, to better understand the needs of the production company . Only in this way is it possible to make the most of the cinematographic work.

kabum sound design
realizzazione kabum sound design

Sound design programs and software

To ensure the best sound quality , our audio studio uses the best audio editing programs , voice editing and sound design software . However, the sensitivity of our team of composers and sound designers remains the most important tool for doing this type of work.

Audio post-production costs and sound design

Passion and attention to detail are the foundations of our work. Contact us to receive a detailed quote and discover audio post-production and sound design solutions and costs for your multimedia project.

    €5000from €5000 to €25000More than €25000
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