360 ° video production for companies

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Realization of immersive videos and 360-degree videos for VR

360-degree videos are a very powerful marketing and communication tool, which more and more companies are adopting to make their customers live authentic experiences through immersive videos. This video technology for VR, smartphones and other devices allows the user to be catapulted into a reality of which he is an integral part, thus giving him the opportunity to view everything that happens around him at 360 °.

The phenomenon of 360-degree videos has also been grasped by large companies such as Facebook, Youtube, Apple and Android (Google) which have arranged for the use of 360 videos on their devices.

Imagine yourself an immersive 360 video for your company .

360 video design, shooting and editing

At Kabum we cover the whole creative process from 360 video shooting to editing

Kabum is a 360 ° video shooting and production design agency for companies that want to innovate their communication and who want to use a cutting-edge communication and marketing tool. At our professional studio we take care of all the steps necessary to create a quality 360 ° video that meets the customer’s expectations.

It starts with shooting for 360-degree videos , shot with special equipment for the acquisition of spherical images that allow the viewer to move to the center of the scene, and then move on to editing the 360-degree videos and final publication.

360 degree video for companies

The power of immersive video storytelling for any company

The corporate 360 video service is transversal for different types of projects and companies . The power of this tool and the strength of the immersive video means that it is chosen by all those who want to promote their product by leaving the canons of “standard viewing” . 360 videos are ideal for the tourism, real estate, and architectural sectors.

How we work in Kabum

Creating 360 videos tailored to your needs

Our experience has led us to understand how important it is in the creation of corporate 360 ° videos, communication and interaction with the customer . Our first goal is to bring out the real needs of the customer and fully satisfy them. For this we organize a series of preliminary meetings and brainstorming followed by shooting for the 360 videos and final editing.

creazione video 360
realizzazione video 360 per aziende

The most modern Programs and Software for 360 ° video

Not only creativity, but also the right technology to meet your needs

The making of a 360-degree video can be done through different techniques. The most common is the use of special cameras that record spherical images , or you can simulate a 3D camera in a virtual scene which is subsequently rendered to obtain a spherical video.

360 video costs

If you are interested in our service for your company or project and want to find out prices and costs for 360-degree videos , do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out the form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

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