3D Scan to ZWrap by R3DS

3D Scan to ZWrap by R3DS

In this twitch live that you will also find on youtube looking for: 3D Scan to ZWrap of R3DS, we have seen together the potential of this 3d software for wrapping a retopologized mesh and therefore optimized and production ready, on a mesh obtained from a 3d scan or photogrammetry.

The software in question is R3DS ZWrap that you can buy with a 20% discount by entering the promo code: Kabum_20

mesh obtained from a photogrammetry on the left, mesh optimized with ZWrap on the right

insertion of reference points on both meshes for wrapping.

ZRWrap also allows you to view the textured mesh

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Qui anche il risultato sulla scansione di Teresa.

Special thanks to our partners EPTA who supported us during this live.

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