Revopoint MINI: 3D Scanner with 0.02mm precision

Revopoint MINI: 3D Scanner with 0.02mm precision

Introducing Revopoint MINI, the world’s first affordable 3D scanner equipped with industrial-grade blue light. MINI is able to scan at a speed of up to 10 FPS within a capture range of 64 x 118 mm.
At THIS LINK Kickstarter project.

It has announced an impressive precision of up to 0.02 mm and a mesh resolution of up to 0.02 mm. The MINI is a necessary modeling tool for professionals such as designers, engineers, makers, and medical and scientific research workers. Through the creation of the MINI, Revopoint aims to lower the barriers around 3D modeling learning, enabling designers to free themselves from the tedious modeling work to focus more on creation itself.

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