Kabum is now ViewConference Partner

Kabum is now ViewConference Partner

After nine years we return to @view_conference as #partner and as spokesperson for our #KabumCGIcommunity!

In these days, in addition to counting down the start of the ViewConference, we will share the most interesting talks, some of which are also visible online.

We are very proud that a small company like ours can have this opportunity thanks also to PIN Pugliesi Innovativi and the Puglia Region which is always ready to support us!

In the photo there is a poster signed by Mark Walsh (director of Partysaurux Rex, lead animator of Finding Nemo and Ratatouille) that we keep as an heirloom. It was given to us 9 years ago by him in person, during the ViewConference! It was the very first painting in our studio. ❤️

We will update you on all the events that will be held in Turin and we will take you with us there from 17 to 22 October on our Instagram profile @ kabum.it

Here is the link to register https://www.viewconference.it/pages/registration/
While this is the complete program https://www.viewconference.it/pages/program

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