Feathers Creator v1.0 for XGen Maya

Feathers Creator v1.0 for XGen Maya

FeathersCreator is a very useful tool for creating feathers, made by Abhishek Karmakar that works with Xgen for Autodesk Maya – Maya compatibility 2017 – 2020.

Main features –

  • Create long feathers placed on top of the patterned feathers (nurbs mesh), so that they deform following the mesh of the feathers as a guide for like wings, tails, etc.
  • Create short feathers, distributed over the whole body of the bird model, this will allow them to move according to the deformation given by the skin of the character
  • Create single or multi-layered textures for short and long plumage, helping to create a realistic look on any type of character.
  • Currently mainly compatible with Maya Xgen and Arnold Renderer.

To purchase the tool, you can visit the Abhishek gumroad at this link

Here are some tutorials:

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