Posted by | 11 June 2022
Create MetaHuman from your 3D scan

From today you can use your 3D scanning, modeling or 3D sculpting to create a customized MetaHuman. Epic Games has announced a new version for MetaHuman, the company's plug-in for...

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Posted by | 7 June 2022
3D Scan to ZWrap by R3DS

In this twitch live that you will also find on youtube looking for: 3D Scan to ZWrap of R3DS, we have seen together the potential of this 3d software for...

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Posted by | 2 June 2022
Revopoint MINI: 3D Scanner with 0.02mm precision

Introducing Revopoint MINI, the world's first affordable 3D scanner equipped with industrial-grade blue light. MINI is able to scan at a speed of up to 10 FPS within a capture...

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Posted by | 16 May 2022
Silent Hill 2 remake

As a lover of the series, I couldn't help but share this information with you. It seems like we should be expecting a Silent Hill game very soon, but whether...

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Posted by | 14 May 2022
Lorenzo Drago and his Toyama station in Unreal Engine 5

Lorenzo Drago is an Italian artist, specialized in props and environments. In his latest project, in which he restored the Toyama station in Japan, rendered entirely in Unreal Engine 5,...

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Posted by | 15 April 2022
Vertexture plug-in and scripts for Maya

Vertexture is a company made up of a team of Autodesk Authorized Developers who have developed a set of scripts and plug-ins for Maya that will speed up your workflow....

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Posted by | 4 April 2022
Cryptomatte for Nuke and Fusion

Cryptomatte is a tool created in Psyop by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones. Automatically create matte IDs with support for motion blur, transparency and depth of field, using information already...

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Posted by | 3 February 2022

NVIDIA Omniverse is an open, easily expandable platform designed for virtual collaboration and physically accurate simulation. Creatives, designers, researchers and engineers can interact with design tools, resources and projects to...

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Posted by | 30 January 2022
Feathers Creator v1.0 for XGen Maya

FeathersCreator is a very useful tool for creating feathers, made by Abhishek Karmakar that works with Xgen for Autodesk Maya - Maya compatibility 2017 - 2020. Main features - Create...

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Posted by | 1 October 2021
Kabum is now ViewConference Partner

After nine years we return to @view_conference as #partner and as spokesperson for our #KabumCGIcommunity! In these days, in addition to counting down the start of the ViewConference, we will...

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