Souvenir Summer Art Camp

Client: Spazio Murat

Production Company: Kabum
Director: Teresa Romano
Art Director: Teresa Romano
Executive Producer: Kabum
Director of Photography: Teresa Romano
Video assistant: Marco Testini
Color grading: Marco Ranieri
Editor: Marco Ranieri
Lead Technical Director: Marco Testini
Sound designer: Teresa Romano

Souvenir is the collective and multidisciplinary exhibition organized by Spazio Murat in collaboration with 63rd – 77th STEPS – Art Project Staircase that marks the conclusion of Souvenir Art Summer Camp: a summer residence dedicated to contemporary art, which involved 13 artists of different nationalities, gathered in Bari from 17 to 27 June, for the realization of a site-specific work at Spazio Murat.

Our Souvenir Services

For Souvenir we have dealt with: