Video post production studio, VFX and AR and VR content


About Kabum

We turn imagination
into experience

As a video post production agency we use technology to create the most extraordinary audiovisual works.

We have always been fascinated by the internet as a conductor and medium for stories, ideas and culture. We love to reflect on how technology affects human interaction.
We embrace curiosity, innovation and the highest standards.

We push the boundaries of technology, creativity and innovation in order to deliver not only memorable advertising but unforgettable experiences.


2D/3D Animation      /      Visual effects      /      Augmented reality      /      Video shooting      /     Post production

  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Visual effects
  • Augmented reality
  • Video shooting
  • Post production

Video post production services, visual effects and audio


We structured a sophisticated production process to create high quality striking videos for advertising.

We deal with 2D and 3D animation, video tutorials, motion graphics, commercials and advertising videos and viral videos


We collaborate with a team of professionals and we find creative and innovative solutions to support their vision.

We daily deal with visual effects production, shorts, music videos, video and audio post-production and soundtrack composition .


Thanks to our storytellers we develop next generation experiences for brands through VR, AR, MR and LBE.

Currently augmented reality videos virtual reality and immersive 360 videos are the real narrative revolution for brands and companies.

Video post-production company,

Creating videos allows us to spend a lot of time exploring different
techniques and for us it is one of the biggest joys.





Teresa Romano team kabum
Teresa RomanoChief Creative Officer
Marco Testini team kabum
Marco TestiniChief Technology Officer

A team of video makers, 3D and 2D animators and audio-video professionals

For us, collaboration is the key. As a video post production, special effects and immersive content agency we love team work and we believe in the creative process that leads anyone to create extraordinary works.


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