Create the MetaHuman from your 3D scan

Create the MetaHuman from your 3D scan

Now you can use your 3D scanning, 3D modeling or sculpting to create a custom MetaHuman.

Epic Games has announced a new version for MetaHuman, the company’s EU plug-in that offers any artist the ability to create human characters with their own physiognomy and more. The release introduces a new Mesh to MetaHuman feature in Unreal Engine, new hair and clothing options for MetaHuman Creator, and support for new character rigging, animation, and physics features in UE5 strong>.

To activate the plugin in the UE, first make sure you have downloaded it from the Epic launcher marketplace.

The highlight of this version is definitely the new Mesh to MetaHuman feature which allows you to take your custom facial mesh and convert it into a MetaHuman, rigged and ready for animation.

After acquiring the image (we did it with 3DF Zephyr, at this link the live image acquisition: https://youtu.be/Y6XHDiG-9z8), import your mesh into Unreal.

At this point you can add an ADVANCED ASSETS > METAHUMAN > MetaHuman Identity. Double-clicking on the created asset will open the window to set the camera and the target points for the mesh wrap. You can decide whether to track the reference points automatically or manually.
Remember not to use a scan with your eyes closed! It gave us some problems.

Well, you’re good to go! If you are satisfied with the tracking, click on the button to solve the mesh for MetaHuman. You will get this result: the 3D mesh has adhered perfectly to your avatar.

Now choose a body type after which you can send everything to the MetaHuman creator.

Access your MetaHuman creator and have fun taking advantage of the new features and animations to apply to your fully rigged avatar.

If you want to know more about what’s new with MetaHuman click here.
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